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        Ministries Schedule

June 2017

Date/Time Lectors Eucharistic Ministers Hospitality/Ushers Sacristan
June 3
Bhalla. C Mall. P Iannuzzi. B Klein. M Riggio. M Iannuzzi. B
5:30pm  Riggio. T Kelly. J Weinand. H Iannuzzi. E    
LA: Jim Kelly   Dabria. D** Doherty. J** Mall. P    
    Opar. M   Moore. L    
June 4 Borick. K Hanks. K/Flow. C Corcoran. B Burkeen. D Sanchez. S Burkeen. T
8:00am  Perry. J Wright. M Huettel. Chick Huettel. Cathy    
LA: M. Wright   Burkeen. T Rutkowski. S** Miller. G    
    Fowler. G Glosson. R** Roache. T    
    Hodge. B Martin. J Roache. B    
June 4 Meyer. B Wharton. J Pazos. M Leach. D Leach. J Dangel. A/V
10:00am Stay. M Dangel. A Marosek. B Parker. W    
LA: Jeff Wharton   Dangel. V Tullos. C Bowman. P    
(60th Wedding    Stay. M Tullos. J Berres. J    
        Aniv.)   Stegner. N** Craig. L** Berres. M    
June 4 Beaty. R Beaty. R Gastauer. C Ayers. B   Conley.W
5:00pm Gastauer. C Bundens. L McMurtry. D&C** Ayers. R    
LA: Oscar Perez   Conley. W Perez.O&S Cuilli. D    
      Will Conley   Crawford. M Trantina. J&S Cuilli. S    
Date/Time Lectors Eucharistic Ministers Hospitality/Ushers Sacristan
June 10 Wozniak. T Kelly. J Reinhart. B Iannuzzi. E   Mall. P
5:30pm Baylord. L Corcoran. T Wozniak. T** Bhalla. A   Reinhart. B
LA: Jim Kelly   Fortson. MP** Klein. M Wozniak. M    
      Tom Corcoran   Bhalla. C Mall. P      
June 11 Coraran. T Borella. P Hock. A/Kirby. K Hanks. K Sanchez. S Cororan. T
8:00am Valaitis. E Fowler. A Manion. C Hanks. R    
LA: Jim Kelly   Ellington. J** Martin. J Glosson. R    
    Valaitis. K** Hodge. B Rutkowski. S    
    Kelly. J Perry. J Miller. G    
June 11 Colello. J Colello. J Stay. M Seeger. S Leach. D Tullos. C/J
10:00am Barocco. D Tullos. C Tullos. J Leach. J    
LA: Joe Colello   Stegner. N Leach. B King. C    
    Marosek. B Leach. M Bowman. P    
    Slater. M**  O'Neal. T** Parker. W    
June 11 Bundens. L Beaty. R Gastauer. C Ayers. B   Lutz. D
5:00pm Conley. J Bundens. L Junker. S/Lutz. D Ayers. R    
LA: Dave Lutz   Conley. W McMurtry. D&C** Cuilli. D    
      J. Trantina   Crawford. M Trantina. J Cuilli. S    
Date/Time Lectors Eucharistic Ministers Hospitality/Ushers Sacristan
June 17
Klein. M Fortson. MP   Bhalla. A   Riggio. T/M
5:30pm  Dabria. D Iannuzzi. B Reinhart. B Iannuzzi. E    
LA: Phil Holloran   Opar. M** Wozniak. T** Wozniak. M    
          Riggio. T Weinand. H      
June 18 Hock. A Huettel. Chick Glosson. R Roache. B Sanchez. S Hock. A
8:00am  Valaitis. K Ellington. J Burkeen. T Huettel. Cathy    
LA: M. Wright   Fowler. G** Hodge. B Kirby. D    
    Borella. P** Rutkowski. S Roache. T    
    Wright. M Kirby. K/Flow. C Miller. G    
June 18 Hoch. H Wharton. J Hoch. H Leach. D King. C Dangel. A/V
10:00am Meyer. B Leach. B** Dangel. A Parker. W    
LA: Jeff Wharton   Pazos. M** Dangel. V Bowman. P    
    Tullos. C Leach. M Berres. J    
    Tullos. J Craig. L Berres. M    
June 18 Beaty. R Beaty. R** McMurtry. C&D Ayers. B   Perez. O
5:00pm Perez. O Bundens. L** Perez. O&S Ayers. R    
LA: Oscar Perez   Crawford. M Trantina. J&S Cuilli. D    
       Dave Lutz   Lutz. D   Cuilli. S    
Date/Time Lectors Eucharistic Ministers Hospitality/Ushers Sacristan
June 24 Baylord. L Doherty. J Bhalla. A** Bahalla. A   Iannuzzi. B
5:30pm Riggio. T Fortson. MP Reinhart. B Wozniak. M    
LA: Phil Holloran   Bhalla. C** Holloran. P Wozniak. T    
    Dabria. D   Iannuzzi. E    
June 25 Manion. C Borella. P Perry. J/Hock. A Burkeen. D Sanchez. S Kirby. K
8:00am Scaccia. R Glosson. R Rutkowski. S Burkeen. T    
LA: T. Corcoran   Ellington. J Huettel. Chick** Kirby. D    
       Dave Lutz   Fowler. A Martin. J** Kirby. K    
    Hodge. B Corcoran. T Miller. G    
June 25 Colello. J Colello. J Slater. M  Seeger. S Leach. J Colello. J
10:00am Farmer. B O'Neal. T** Tullos. C Leach. D  
Slater. M
LA: Joe Colello   Dangel. A Tullos. J Chagnon. D    
    Dangel. V Stegner. N Bowman. P    
    Marosek. B** Stay. M Leach. M    
June 25 Conley. J Beaty. R Junker. K&S** Ayers. B   Trantina. J
5:00pm Bundens. L Bundens. L McMurtry, C&D Ayers. R    
LA: Wil Conley   Conley. W Perez. O&S Cuilli. D    
       J. Trantina   Gastauer. C Trantina. J Cuilli. S    


 "Mass Coordinators"
for the 5:30pm Vigil Mass to:
 Susie Holloran 1-314-267-7937 & Mona McGee 259-9380.
8:00 am-
Alice Hiersche, 850-896-3352  
 10:00 am-
Nancy Parker, 1-772-473-7841 & Susie Seeger 1-901-494-0799

5:00 pm- ST.Rita Terry Casey, 267-3932  7:00 pm @ CTK-Felita Asteinza, 865-5461

   Father has requested that during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass ladies have their shoulders completely covered.  Tops should not have a low neckline.  Please keep the length of your skirts or dresses to no more than two or three inches above the knee.  Gentlemen are reminded to wear long pants and collared shirts at Sunday Liturgies. 

Cassocks Colors for Altar Servers
When Father Kevin is vested in Red or White the Red cassocks are in order When Father is vested in Green, Purple or Rose Black Cassocks are in order.                  

** in front of your name means wash vessels after Mass

Also, please arrive 10-15 minutes before Mass begins so we can be assured that all ministries are covered.  We need to fill empty assignments 5 minutes before Mass Ė little enough time to scout around the whole church for replacements..  If you canít make an assignment, please let Terry know.  It is easier finding a replacement when we know we need one.




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